Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wrapping Up 2015

Ever since I got off the couch and started running, cycling and swimming, I have known that I am not fast, but I can keep going, albeit slowly, longer than most.  I’d rather run a half marathon than a 5K, rather swim slowly for an hour than one fast lap in the pool.  With this in mind, after the Richmond marathon in mid-November, I began planning my 2016 year of racing.   After a year of focusing on running, logging multiple marathon distance weekend runs, plus a 40 mile ultra, I decided to get back on the bike and back in the pool.  I figured I would run marathons, ride century (100 mile) bike rides and get back into triathlon.  I prepared charts and schedules with a logical progression from one event to the next.  I had planned to tell you all about the plans.


And then, one day, I took a “rest day” from athletic training, which I typically take once a week, and I found that I could not climb a flight of stairs without having to sit down for a minute.  The fatigue persisted for days and weeks.  I consulted with my doctor, who had all kinds of tests run.  Medically, I am perfectly normal.  My mind and my body tell me otherwise.  I need a break.  So, my “plan” is not to plan anything until after the New Year’s Day. Meanwhile, I am running only if I feel like it, and if I’m running and want to walk, I do so.  I’m hopping on the bike during the unseasonably warm weather, and enjoying the great outdoors.  I’m going to swim at the beautiful 50 meter SwimRVA pool, but I won’t push myself.  I won’t worry about what I need to do to improve for some future event.  I will celebrate the here and now. 


I also will celebrate everything that Amy’s Army of 100+ Cancer Warriors has accomplished in the year since the group was formed.  We have raised over $50,000 for VCU Massey Cancer Center, funds that will be used for life-saving cancer research.  We’ve raised awareness about cancer prevention and treatments.  It’s been a good year. 


Many thanks to all of you for your support!



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