Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Patience in the DMV

I was very happy with my treatment at Massey Cancer Center, but sometimes it was a study in patience.  

First, they  ask me all kinds of questions such as "Can you walk a block without running out of breath? Do you do street drugs?" And, for some reason, they repeatedly ask me, "have you fallen down today?" 

There is a room at MCV that looks like a cramped version of the DMV. As I waited, I realized they use the same call out numbers randomly with no pattern scheme that was perfected by the DMV. The room was filled with the same cast of characters you'd find at the DMV, including the woman wearing all purple, including an eye-catching wide-rimmed purple hat with a plume.

 The man next to me was carrying a book covered in something that announced it was a book banned in 47 countries. He looked at me wondering if I knew what it was. I knew it was not Huckleberry Finn. He offered me something from his suitcase of religious tracts as he was called back to see the doctors.

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