Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Picasso and Scarves

How do you reconcile these two seemingly contradictory instructions:

1. Do raise your right arm any higher than your head.

2. Wear a sports bra with the maximum compression?

I guess I need to buy one with a fastener because the pullover sessions are tough. I made Steve help me when I first got back from the surgery and was all bandaged up. But now the bandages are gone, yet I am not quite ready to test the sickness and health thing. So I have been wearing two crummy bras instead of one good one.

I am hoping the Frankenstein monster look is temporary. I recall quite clearly my surgeon looking at my chest as though he were an artist looking at a nude model and declaring that the surgery would result in something "cosmetically pleasing.". After I sent my blog out, many people sang Dr Bear's praises. I was convinced I had found, through happenstance, quite an artist. A Rembrandt. I should have asked one more question, I think. It appears I got a Picasso.

And there is a hidden scar under my arm too. Hidden, but it appears to have exacerbated that fat roll between my boob and arm. I should have asked for that to be liposuctioned while he was in there. Insurance would not have noticed. I think that would be the only way to get it gone. I am convinced that just before Karen Carpenter died she noticed such a fat roll and it sent her over the edge. Bless her heart.

I always have to read about things a lot before I attempt them. I hope I do not need chemo, but I might, so I am reading. I read something suggesting that you should decide whether to wear a wig or a scarf or a bare head, or some combination depending on the circumstances. Like a scarf to work and a bare head to worship. I think that was an example for Buddhists, maybe. I have never bought one of those expensive Hermes scarves. They seem so extravagant. Have you seen those pictures of Queen Noor in her collection? Sheer beauty. But then I wonder if the TSA would assume I was a terrorist and do a pat down? Demand that I remove it? He he, serve them right!

So now I have been thinking about this scarf so much that I want one, even if I don't have to undergo chemo. Yes, yes!
I wrote this not long after my surgery, and I did get a scarf. A gorgeous one from my friend Lilo of Lilo Collections.

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