Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Surgery: No Hamburgers

On my day of surgery, I was told to fast. Thank goodness I was scheduled for an early surgery because I was starving!  I told the nurses to bring me a hamburger when I came to.  I ask people to bring me hamburgers during races and they don't believe me.  The nurses didn't believe me either.  Sigh.

I was given some sort of painkiller by a needle that just about killed me and then they knocked me out cold.  Next thing I knew, I was coming too and it was over.  But no hamburger.  Truth be told, I was okay with the crackers and ginger ale.  I told Steve I actually thought I might vomit.  I am never nauseated.  What a horrible feeling.  I feel for all of you and thank God for my iron stomach.

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